Day 5 Carmel ventures panel of entrepreneurs and tel aviv university

23 Jan

Carmel Ventures is among Israel’s top tier venture capital firm with over $600 million under management.


the first speaker talked about Dotomi which is a company that makes media advertisement personal. They use cookies in users commuters to build a relationship and a dialogue between the consumer and the advertiser. The messages are personalized which makes them much more effective.

Later the chairman of Timet talked to us about his company that developed an automated employee performance improvement software. It is based on the following: Risk mgmt solution
Objective measurements
End user / content / technology

Finally the founder of Equivio, Amir Milo talked about his company, a Software company focused on text analysis for e-discovery
The purpose is to Saving legal documents and not have two or three times the same documents stored within a corporation. It saves money.

In the afternoon we went to Tel Aviv university


We assisted at a class:

The class is called Business entrepreneurship for engineers.
There, Ed Mlavsky talked about the BIRD project. After professor Bachenheimer talked about entrepreneurship in general through his own experiences.



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