Day 4 ashkelon desalination plant, Ormat, Object

23 Jan

Today we went to Ashkelon to visit a desalination plant. It is located 2 miles north of the Gaza strip.


The Ashkelon seawater reverse osmosis plant (the largest in the world) has a capacity of 330,000 cubic meter of water per day and produces 100 million cubic meter of water per year. It produces 13% of the countries domestic consumer demand.

I was impressed by the technology used in such a plant. The interesting part is the filtering of the water.

We tasted the water at the end. It has almost the same taste as Evian water.

We then went to Ormat which is a world leader in geothermal power. The company is probably among the oldest on Israel because it has been around for over forty seven years. Way before it was trendy to be green.

Ormat uses state of the art technology and environmentally sound power solutions.
Geothermal Energy and environment is a slow process.
Line of products are:

Geothermal power
Solar thermal
Remote power units
Industrial waste heat recovery

Microcave telecommunication network
Solar power plants
Steam power plants

Later we went to object, a 3d printing company.


They have a unique process of printing objects in 3d on a range of over 60 materials that enables professionals to build prototypes that accurately simulate the tue look, feel and function of an end product. For example a shoe:


Or different other materials:


They have 3 categories of printers


I found this concept really interesting and very useful for corporations.


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