Day 2 Itamar medical and iscar

23 Jan

Itamar medical

Today we went to Itamar medical which Is a medical company which develops, markets and sells diagnostic medical devices based on Peripheral Arterial Tone.
Their two main products are Endopat which watches the endothelial dysfunction (how the heart beats) and Watchpat which watches the behavior of the sleep pattern of a patient.

The applications are for medical studies And follow ups. The results are much cheaper than blood tests and more consumer friendly.

I found this concept very interesting and hope it gets adopted widely, even more than it is now throughout the USA.

We went to Haifa for Lunch where it was pooring down rain. We were supposed to visit the Baha’i Shrines and gardens located on the edge of the city center. Unfortunately the rain prevented is from visiting the gardens but we saw them from above.

Then we visited Iscar “where innovation never stops”.

It is the world leader full line supplier of precision carbide metal working tools.
The global business of this industry is 13 billion dollars. They are market leader. Their main focus is research and development to be always ahead of the competition. They have to teams assigned for each product one that fights for it and another one against it.
Their products go through a series of tests assuring the best quality possible.

The challenge is to improve a basic metal tool in order to increase productivity. The objectives defined by the market drive innovation.

What impressed me was the location of the company on a hill overlooking a big part of the neon outing region. I believe that on a clear day we could see the libanese border since we were only 10 km south of it.
The production line is totally automated and everything is very clean.





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